Who’s your true friend?

Photo by Josh Marshall on Unsplash

There’s an old saying: “tell me your friend, and I’ll tell who you are”. But I would rather prefer to read it from the end as “tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you what kind of friend you have”.

What’s holding you up not speaking with someone who always drives you into different world? Go and spend time with that one. Spend it on the right way!

Don’t get disappointed with people you interact with. As you know that the know that quantity is nothing in comparison to quality of people that you get in touch.

You judge it. Be selective with whom you spend your “limited” time. Hence, talk with people who make you see the world differently. Well, sometimes friends might not just only be from the class of Homo sapiens. A true friend might be an animal, a plant or even a thing. The important thing is to share some good memories.

“Talking to the best friend” by Mr.StoryMaker on Instagram

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