How Mother Affection Is Bound To Make An Impact In My Personality

“Mother showing affection towards her child” by Jordan Wittt on Unsplash

Generally, we know that affection reminds us some feelings, maybe strong emotions, and directly points to a person who may have some supportive care towards somebody or something. We are human made up of emotions. And emotions make us full with surprises.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word affection is expressed as a feeling of liking or caring for somebody or something. Thourghout my life I have been always fascinated with an impact of mom’s affection on my personality. Yet, I can admit that I am still on my way of searching for it…

Yesterday I had a quick conversation with a colleague of mine who works as a lab technician in our department. She is smart, diligent and full of positive breeze. Let’s her Sarah, huh :-) Haha.

Simply, I do not get it but she always manages to be in a good mood. Apparently, at least I notice her in that way. No excuse that I am a married man, with two adorable daughters and a lovely wife. These ladies are the meaning of my life.

Obviously, without them I don’t even dare to imagine my life what I have to live. I clearly remember what I said the day when I married to my lovely wife — “so this is it, this is the end of all time since I ever even gaze at other female species”…

Sometimes one can notice that how it’s hard to stop a conversation in which we find us. It’s simply not easy to stop at once. It’s not because such type of communications are boring. But, it’s due to the communicator who sparkles the magnitude of those words, phrases and etc. So that, you can’t simply just give an end to such a speaking atmosphere.

Well, Sarah has such type of personality. I can’t stop myself to start a random conversation wherever I see her. It’s not because I do have some sense of feelings towards her; but, it’s rather that talking atmosphere maybe I want to have again and again.

So, during such regular quick and short communication with her, she and her couple of words were enough to drag me into deep thoughts. “How is your little princess”, she asked as we made our first greeting for that day. “She is amazing, she growing up hourly, and pity that I have already missed her”, I replied with full of daddy-addicted feelings.

Indeed, I have missed my princesses, especially the little one who is 6 months old by end of July. Currently, they are at their grandparents, busy with catching some butterflies and exploring the miracles of nature.

“Well then, as you fed so much affection towards your kids and wife, then you must have seen and experienced so much affection by your mom when you were young”, continued Sarah with one of her smart predictions. Honestly, I could not get her point right that moment. Not at all. Fortunately, it didn’t last long.

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” — Abraham Lincoln

It’s true that I had not got a certain potential to understand what she meant. Since as a man I’ve always thought that it’s a natural thing having such type of feelings towards family circle. But, I was wrong. How?

You may never know what may come out of it. Some people don’t have affection towards their half-parts, the ones once they loved and married. Why things turn out in a negative way like that? Many years passed in between. After all, there was a real love from the beginning.

Slowly, I started to find out some better explanations upon these questions. In my opinion, obviously that fancy type of love after some time disappears, and the real face starts to come up hidden behind the mask between couples. At that time pops up two ways: either have a peace and accept as it is. Or simply divorce which is quick, but with lots of side-effects. And it mainly hits the kids!

Anyway, if I go back to Sarah’s prediction on my strong feelings that were and still can be connected with my mom’s endless affection since my childhood, I can certainly admit that it has truly strong dots between these two things.

I believe that affection, usually moms’ nature, has enormous amount of strong human “emotions-caring-supportive system” which is highly dominant than the permanent love, or some sort of emotional feeling that is happening between two opposite sex. That’s affection always comes first than love in every part of life. Since the former one is in the position of always giving something without not being in place of expectation.

After such an amazing notice of Sarah’s point, I came to self driven conclusion — how extraordinarily a random mom’s affection might affect or influence on the feelings’ of family members.

All I can say that how lucky I was under my mom’s caring and her endless affection during my forgotten childhood.

Time passed. It passed a lot. And here I am, having my own kids and my lovely wife. And I totally believe that it’s my turn now to inherit that packaged affection into the next generation.

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