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Are you sometimes without any reason suddenly get upset, or even self-stressed? Then probably you are a victim of self-induction. This process is unfortunately one of most quickly growing side-effects, or might be called gifts of the modern technology.

For instance, we want to be obsessed with all types of technology immediately as soon as they’re produced. By that, we’re getting more self-centered, and our egos are getting bigger than anything else. Consequently, we are wishing always to be in the center of attention. It’s like fitting into the place of sun, so that all other poor planets must rotate around our personality!

This type of personalities are probably promising fruits as an egocentrism. They often wish to be the center of attention. Human body has a complex structure. The algorithm of such a dynamic system is very important to keep in balance. In this case it’s called homeostasis of human body. And there are going to be several consequences if something has started functioning in a wrong way.

For instance, our emotions what make us breakable species. When we are treated badly as a secondary stuff, we start our unaware developed self-induced methods, or blaming and judging our own “unwanted” / “miserable” personality. That is definitely starting point of widely known today as a stress.

Usually, the initial stages of stress develop very silently. Like in how mutated cells transform into cancer cells. As the continuous division of mutated cells lead to unstoppable cancer cells, self-blaming or self-induced emotions will also result in massive and multiple scales of stress.

Actually, self-induction term comes from electron circulation in a circuit under electromotive force in general physics. Generated voltage in “continuously changing” current in a circuit is induced in the same circuit. More to express in to English, continuously changing environment of current leads to the generation of massive energy inside.

Now, continuously changing environment of the current is beneficial from the view of physical factors. Since it can be further used for energy consumption. On the other hand, biologically, continuously taking inside or “leading in” produced massive energy into our body might be dangerous time to time.

In my opinion, one the best solution against self-induction is minimalism, humbleness, and of course love. Minimalism keeps us away from mind blowing consumption strategy of today’s technology. Humbleness neutralizes our internal negative emotions and intentions into good ones by forgiveness. And love reminds our nature and main existence in universe. Never stop loving things around, and the people that we’re involved with.

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