Deep Inside We Are All Writers

Didn’t you know about it” a passionate voice came from my second half.

Photo by Da Kraplak on Unsplash

How is your poem going? asked the master.

“I am not a writer” the student replied back.

“That’s not true”, continued the master with his saying. And further elaborated his point by saying: Deep inside we are all writers and creators.

At some point, we need to take a step aside and ask : (1) who are we in reality?, (2) what kind of personality do we possess, and (3) what’s our potential to give out instead of endlessly taking ins…?

“I see inside your eyes the second half of your being”, the master passionately continued his speech.

Your second half, the hidden on, who writes poems, dreams and creates all the stuff…!

The second half which fulfills the gaps, and has the ability to lead its owner towards perfection.

There’s a hidden bond among your exterior and interior BEING! They are like earth and moon. Both of them can’t survive alone. Each guarantees the protection of its second half.

As the master went on his sayings, his student occasionally interrupted him asking: Master, how could I find my own second half?

And when I find it, how do I know that one that I found belongs to things I have been so much attached?

His master smiled at him, and replied: it’s easy.

Just ask yourself: what are you good at? What are your passions? What are the things in your life that you can definitely admit as your dream?

Once you have solid answers, your second half pops up by itself. Since what drives you mad is the pulse of your second half…!

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