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“It’s changed a lot lately; I can’t even properly saturate and find myself within it”, mumbled the passenger sitting in the taxicab. As if he was about to start his next complaints, and go on blaming the continuous changing nature of TIME. He can’t properly define and know himself anymore. Was it!?

Unfortunately, in today’s perfectionism way of living style, most of us fall into this trap. Because it is easy to do so. Easy to accuse and blame the external one(s).

Looks like a population fallout in always making complaints, and be in a rush of an immediate judging. You know what? After some time, such acts will turn into definite characters, which start to make who we are. And I believe that the worlds of such kind of personalities are full with negative breeze and unhappiness.

Time has not changed actually! Frankly, it does not have frequent changing habit starting from its first lap. It’s WE that continuously change…!

We change like multiple-layered CHAMÄLEONs…! It’s time to not try to change it, rather work on the rusted personality that we carry…! Why? Because we just live once and we do not want to see the world completely upside down with our own drained imagination.

When things go wrong, we’re like a cop, and we start to search the guilty one, bust up and immediately open fire on that poor bastard. And relieve the big guy inside us, saying “hey dude look what I did”.

Modern human characters like “always being in complaints” or ready to blame others are like poison to our own body as well as for the soul that we possess.

It is bigger than poison because we feed the inside guy with the things from the external personality that we have.

“Being a light in the dark” by Mr.StoryMaker on Instagram

As the multiple complaints are like a hidden poison, the antidote here is just one thing: being humble and staying humble.

Just being a good one is not enough. We need to be good every day, day by day. that requires a lot of sacrifice and effort.

Choose the path of positive breeze. Not only forgive the external world as well as bring the inner peace to your own internal world also.

Remember we’re living in the action vs. reaction world. Before taking, give something. Cherish the others to get the happiness! Be the symbol of good things, not the devil.

Building Owner’s Mindset, Insights on Money Mentality.

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