7 Facts About Reading You Should Know

The Power of Reading

In a world where information is the new currency,

Reading is the POWER.

I have always been fallen in LOVE with READING.

Not just because of the thickness of books. Or how elegant cover do they have.

The magic is in the WORDs.

And I always respect the words in books.

Because words have the secret and charming since ancient times.

They have the power.

In the Dawn of Information Age, Reading has Power.

Most people confuse the idea behind having strength.

Ability to make changes.

And we mostly believe that society based shift is due to money.

Well, let’s get straight here.

Oftentimes, it is fact that our financial status provides us some stability and income security in the long run.

We can enjoy every moment entire our lives.

But that is not POWER! And being RICH absolutely doesn’t make us powerful.

Money buys some time for our happiness.

For things, we can buy. For condition, we can live. For status, we can live through.

And for sure that’s not the power that we get.

Let me give you an example of that.

Almost 20% of the global population is made up of rich people. The other 80% work hard to make them wealthy.

However, not all rich are powerful. They may have a luxurious life.

They can do whatever they want whenever.

We call this FREEDOM. But not POWER.

Here, I come up with 7 facts on reading. Take notes.

And let’s take the reading process to a different level.

7 Facts | 7 Notes

Fact #1

Reading is the best source of continuous learning.

Get RICH with knowledge currency.

Fact #2

Learning is a journey | discovery of new knowledge.

NOT a destination.

Fact #3

Be an investor, not a trader.

Read — -> Learn — -> Invest.

RICH people seek consistent improvement.

Fact #4

Adopt a growth MINDSET.

Learn — -> Unlearn — -> Relearn = POWER.

Fact #5

Teach others what you read 90% of what you learn retain when you explain.

The ultimate currency of new information is to “transfer” to another.

Fact #6

Take care of your BRAIN.

Keeping fit your brain keeps it SHARP.

Don’t just eat — -> Eat SMART.

A healthy brain is a wealthy body.

Fact #7

If you read, you can also write.

Writing is the language of the mind.

Anyone who READs and WRITEs has the POWER.

Building Owner’s Mindset, Insights on Money Mentality. https://twitter.com/positive_call

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